How it all started

Here you will find out about what led me to this point.  A short, but honest and authentic view of what my health is today and the journey I’m taking to get it where it needs to be.



Blog/ V-log

Here is where you’ll see the highs and lows of the journey.  Real views, real emotions, real thoughts mean you’ll hear the truth as it’s perceived.  You’ll be able to laugh and cry, and even join along.


My Inspiration/ Break from the day

When times get to be too much and you need that extra “pick me up”, these are some links and pages I turn to and highly recommend!


My Main Message:

Look, it’s not rocket science that I didn’t get here overnight, so obviously the change isn’t going to take place overnight, either.  What I’m asking for is accountability. Plain and simple.

If you want to join, great!  There is strength in numbers!  I’d love to have you along! We can go through the journey together.  And if in some small way I am able to help you, I’d be ecstatic!